Giving back to the community during this difficult time.

In the aftermath of the shutdowns from Covid-19, many people are struggling to make ends meet. Cost of basic needs including food, gas, housing and healthcare have skyrocketed, not to mention the mental health issue our children have had to endure due to school closures and the need for mask mandates. I believe now is the time for all corporations to step up and help our community. For many years at Averill Electric, we have made giving back a priority. We fully support the following organizations.

St. Jude’s Children’s research Hospital, they are finding cures and saving children, what can be more fulfilling than that.

Shriners Children’s. they provide specialized care for children in some of the most difficult situations.

Feeding America, They are working to end hunger in America. Another great cause.

Please go to there website and see just how amazing these organization are and give all you can.



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Frank Averill

Frank Averill

I am focused on innovating the construction industry, with a goal of saving the environment for the future of all mankind.